The parade team for grown AF women who want to shake what their momma gave 'em this Mardi Gras!




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being bad

Bad Moms That March launched in 2023 with 70 members under its umbrella organization, Moms That Dance. After being asked eighty-leven times to start a parade team, we decided to go for it, but we were determined to do it our way.

You won’t find sequins, poms or demerits at BMTM. We rock a 90's hip hop vibe with old school varsity jackets and Nike dunks.

Why are we bad moms? Because we celebrate imperfection, we’ll throw around a curse word or two and we love to have an unapologetically good time!

PS - you don’t have to be a mom... we don’t check, babe...


appearances & philanthropy

The bad moms work hard to bring a different vibe to the route! We don't care about being the best dancers out there. For us, it's about hyping the crowd up, shaking our boo-tays and having a good time. We're here to entertain! Our DJ spins some loud AF club music during parades (radio edits, of course) while we bust out our old school hip hop moves and just have a good time. Don't ever be afraid to jump in and dance with us, we love it!

We're here for all of it! This year, we are putting huge efforts into charitable work. We've got an amazing team of boss babes ready to help our community. Though our efforts will focus heavily on women in need (recovery, abuse, homelessness, education, etc), we are open to other ventures. Shoot us an email if you'd like to have the Bad Moms Club pop in at your next social or fundraising event. We are also huge advocates for small business! How can we help?


Being a part of the bad moms club is about so much more than dancing in parades. Our goal is to provide a drama-free, judgement-free space where women can thrive. We offer an entire experience including free dance classes, social events, health and wellness and more. We practice indoors so we never have to worry about weather or bathrooms, and we operate on a monthly dues system to make affordability easier. Current membership cost is $70/month.

upcoming public events

Larry's Brew Fest Performance

Saturday June 22, 2024 at TBD

The Castine Center | Mandeville, LA

Northshore Roller Derby Half Time Performance

Saturday June 22, 2024 at 7:30pm

Northshore Harbor Center | Slidell, LA

London's New Year's Day Parade 2026

London, England

We're going pinkies up! That's right, the bad moms will take the streets of London in 2026!

becoming bad

2024-2025 season registration

Follow us on socials for any updates on team member availability.

Otherwise, registration for next season will open in March 2025!


want to know more about the bad moms club?

Shoot us an email anytime. We gotchoo, babe!